Breeding conditions*

Our breeding station is recognized as an insemination station according to EU directives. All mare owners who use our stallions accept the following conditions. Otherwise, the breeding or insemination conditions of the Hanoverian Association apply. Stallions, especially young stallions in their first breeding season, will only be entered into Stallion Book 1 after completing and passing the performance test (HLP). Only then can a complete registration of the foals occur. If a stallion does not achieve entry into Stallion Book 1, the breeding association can only issue birth certificates. The breeder bears the risk exclusively.

The breeding season begins on 15.02.2024 and ends on 31.07.2024. To dispatch your semen order on the same day, it must be received by us by 10:00 AM at the latest – by phone or via our website Please use the respective semen order form of the desired stallion. The semen order must include the following information (without complete details, semen shipment is not possible):

– Desired stallion
– Name, complete address, and phone number of the mare owner
– Breeding association with membership number, to which the insemination should be reported
– Exact shipping address
– Details about the mare (name, life number, pedigree, age, color, markings)
– Name and complete address of the veterinarian performing the insemination.
– The breeding certificates must be submitted at the beginning of the breeding season to the stallion owner (not the veterinarian)! The stud fee is due at the first insemination.

All stud fees and boarding fees are subject to statutory VAT at 7%.

Semen shipment abroad is only against prepayment. Should a stallion not be available for special reasons (competition use, illness, etc.) during the breeding season, if possible, frozen semen (TG) may be used, or another stallion from the station may be chosen upon request. There is no claim for a refund of the stud fee.

Spacious boxes and good pastures are available for mare accommodation. The daily rate for mares is 14€ plus VAT, for mares with foals 17€ plus VAT. The accommodation is at the owner’s risk.

The owner of the mare or horse agrees that our veterinarian may be called at their expense if the stallion owner deems it necessary. These costs will be billed separately. Inseminations are only performed after follicle control by the station’s contract veterinarian. Swab samples are required, except for 3-year-old maiden and foal mares.

For mares that have not conceived or have resorbed, half of the paid stud fee from the previous year will be credited, provided the stud fee is not split and the veterinary certificate is submitted by 1.10. Without a certificate, unfortunately, no credit is possible. For mares that are inseminated for the first time after 15.07. of the respective year and do not become pregnant, you will receive a 100% stud fee reduction the following year. Please note that the veterinary certificate must be submitted by 01.10.2024.

For stallions offering stud fee splitting, there is no entitlement to a refund or credit for the first part of the insemination fee. If the mare is not pregnant, a corresponding certificate must be submitted to us by 01.10.2024 at the latest. Otherwise, the full stud fee is due!

Frozen semen is only to be used for conventional artificial insemination or embryo transfer. The use of semen for ICSI or other advanced reproductive techniques is only permitted after prior agreement. If embryo transfer is chosen, this must be registered before the first insemination. Please note that the stud fee is due for each successful embryo. A discount is granted for multiple successful flushes. The embryo flushes must be documented. A flush protocol (list of all flushes, even if no embryo was obtained and the indication of the recipient mares) must be submitted to us by 1.10.

* Subject to changes and errors